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Open Innovation Challenge
Spring 2022

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The first challenge we are hosting will have teams compete to find the most efficient solution using satellite imagery to detect invasive pests in the LA County's tree canopy.

The winning team will take home $10,000 and other prizes from our partners to help support their efforts to continue developing their proof of concept (POC) into a minimum viable product (MVP), with the opportunity to pilot your solution in LA County.

Teams will be provided pre-processed Landsat 8 data, GPU compute, and mentors to help them design and develop a POC GeoAI-enabled pest infestation alert system in 4 weeks.

Important Dates
Info Session: March 8th at 5 pm PST Virtual
Kick-Off: March 18-20th in Los Angeles
Demo Day: April 21st in Los Angeles

Important Details
It's mandatory that teams be in LA for the kick-off and demo day.
Individuals and unfunded teams can apply (ideally 3-5).

Teams will present on stage at AI LA's Earth Summit on April 21st at the BioscienceLA Collaboration Hub in Culver City.

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