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The Interactive Virtual Event for Climate Action

Myriad industries and sectors are increasingly focusing on sustainability. It is quickly becoming necessary to place sustainable development at the forefront of decision-making amidst the looming threat of climate challenges.

AI LA’s Earth Summit provides a unique opportunity to learn from and engage with innovators making a difference in sustainable development. Whether you are interested in climate tech or passionate about protecting the earth’s ecosystems, the conversations taking place at the Earth Summit will both illuminate topics in sustainability and inspire new ideas. 

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Two Days of Dynamic Content

Engage with founders

developing new technologies to solve some of the greatest challenges in the journey to sustainability.

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Learn from researchers and professors

making transformative discoveries in their fields, such as computational sustainability.

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Reflect on important topics

such as social equity and environmental justice as we move forward in combating climate change together.

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Gary Gero

Chief Sustainability Officer,
County of Los Angeles

Keynote Speaker

Gary Gero was appointed LA County’s first Chief Sustainability Officer in November 2016. Gary previously served as the President of the Climate Action Reserve and he now serves as the Vice-Chair of its Board of Directors. Gary’s career includes service as the Assistant General Manager for the City of Los Angeles Environmental Affairs Department, and he also managed renewable and energy efficiency programs at LADWP.

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Our programming is structured around the four elements, each representing one of our planet’s building blocks. To these, we add a fifth component, Heart, which binds the four elements together. Without social impact and the contribution of diverse individuals, the elements will fail to achieve balance. Only when we work together toward our shared goals can we make progress toward a brighter future for the planet and all of its communities.

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From forests to deserts to the land humans have shaped through agriculture and urban expansion, Earth makes up the life of the planet. It has become increasingly important to adjust current practices altering natural ecosystems so that ecological communities and humans can continue to flourish in harmony.

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Heat is an essential factor in supporting life. The sun provides the planet with a natural source of energy, while human beings have continued to utilize the planet’s resources to produce their own. Aspects of climate change, from wildfires to global warming, have continued to pose ever-increasing risks to natural ecosystems and human communities.

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Polluted air reminds us to invest in cleaner energy and sustainable practices to address increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Tackling such a large issue involves working together to change our current emissions habits and directing attention toward developing the tools and resources that will enable us to maintain those cleaner habits in the future.

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All forms of life depend on water, making it a critical part of sustainability and a reminder that we are all responsible for protecting global ecosystems and communities. From maintaining the quality of the water supply to addressing rising sea levels, there is much room for AI to aid in sustainable development.

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At the heart of sustainable development is the need to focus on environmental equity. This crucial focus ensures that every individual, in present and future communities, has access to a clean and healthy lifestyle. Along with the technological innovation, each individual’s contribution to this collective effort will shape the move toward greater sustainability.

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