Jim Chu

I invest in frontier markets and believe that entrepreneurship and innovation can improve the lives of billions while offering strong returns for investors.

My goal, through Untapped, is to bridge the investment gap in frontier markets by creating alternative financing opportunities for entrepreneurs and empowering the next billion to scale to their full potential. Untapped creates opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses in frontier markets to scale while providing strong returns and liquidity for investors around the world. We’ve created a new investment model called Smart Asset Financing that leverages technology to track usage and revenue of capital assets in real-time.  We’re giving investors from around the world direct access to entrepreneurs via an online platform called Untapped Invest.  In the end, we expand basic services, such as safe water, affordable transport, and reliable energy for the fastest-growing populations. My goal is to provide opportunity to those who will make the most of it.

The potential for innovation is everywhere. No matter the circumstance, there are those who find ways to create value from nothing. What would happen if more of them had the capital, technology, and know-how to do much more?

Join us on this journey!

Outside of work, you’ll find me paragliding, on a run somewhere, or flying planes and spending time with my family. English is my first language, but we can talk about most things in French and German; I can get around in Spanish, Mandarin, and Taiwanese; and I'll order you a Barbancourt in Haitian Kreyol.

An idea I live by:
"Don’t worry about the level of individual prominence you have achieved; worry about the individuals you have helped become better people"  Clayton Christensen RIP

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