Nathan Walworth

Dr. Nathan Walworth (PhD) is an entrepreneurial climate scientist and futurist whose work lies at the intersection of exponential tech, regeneration, culture prediction, DNA sequencing, and the Earth microbiome. His environmental research has taken him from the Tropics to Antarctica with positions at various international institutions.

He is Co-founder of the NEXUS Futurism Group: a platform designed to convene leaders across industry to guide the ethical advancement in rapidly emerging technologies. He also co-founded the NEXUS Impact Accelerator where his team accelerates companies across diverse verticals including circular manufacturing, coral farming, machine learning, biotechnology, social equity tech, and robotics. He is an Adjunct Professor of Regenerative Studies and an expert in DNA sequencing where he examines how the Earth Microbiome regulates carbon cycling.

He also serves on the Advisory Board for the AI-driven culture prediction company, sparks & honey, where he blends cultural signals with his business and scientific background to advise companies on future cultural trends across environmental and technological verticals.

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